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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
Now that I've gone and made people aware of this thing, I feel obligated to update it every day... I hope this doesn't wind up being the Pink Floyd of 'blogs -- just keeps going and going long after it should have been left to die...

"I like to write about small things. Paper. Houses. Love is big," -- David Byrne

I'm inclined to believe you, Mr. Byrne. Love is big, and love is scary. Love is like a monster or a zombie that wants to eat your brain. And, like a monster or a zombie, people tend to downplay it and make it smaller than it is so it's not quite as scary. People use the dread name of love in every day conversation, when it should be said with the same reverance as YHWH and Cthulu and Beetlejuice. You don't want to summon that awesomeawful being, do you? What will you do when IT shows up unbidden to your door? Say, "Well, gee, I mean, I was just kiddin'. You didn't really have to come."? That' s just not gonna work, Earl. Just ain't gonna work. It's gonna be hanging out, eating your food, and driving you mad. "So, when you gonna let everyone know I'm here?", Love will say, "When you gonna introduce me?" It's not like you can just hide Love. It's big and loud and noisy and awkward. Even moreso than Mr. Snuffalupagus. But, people liked Snuffy when they met him. Love isn't always welcomed with open arms.

Whew -- I'm not sure where the hell THAT came from.

Comments by: YACCS