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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Curse blogger and the layout of the updating page. When yer all tired and stuff it's too easy to hit the wrong button and thereby not post 2 entries. CURSES, I say!

Hmmm... what should I rap about and sing about tonight? What burning issue has been driving me mad lately? Bombing Afghanistan during Ramadan? No, that doesn't bother me. It would bother me if we stopped bombing for Ramadan.

My Thoughts on the Bombing of Afghanistan during Ramadan
Or, My Way of getting Carnivore to notice My Blog

"We need to respect their beliefs." Fuck that. Why should we respect the beliefs of Das Taliban? Do they respect beliefs apart from their particular offshoot of Islam? Would they refrain from attacking America during Xmas or Lent? I seriously doubt that. Besides, it's a war. W.A.R. War. People die, people get hurt, morality gets tricky, all that fun stuff. "If I killed a man back home, they'd put me in jail, but I kill a man out here, and they give me a fucking medal. What sort of sense does that make?" If you're going to wage a war, wage a fucking war. No civilians die in wars. Sure, a country suffers collateral damage, but, hey, that's war. I'm sort of fond of the Old Testament war philosophy: leave NO survivors.

Here's where I talk about my rules for war.
Don't do it with targeted air strikes. Do it like a man. Face to face. Look at the person you are going to kill. Look him in the eyes and know that you will end his life. You will make his wife a widow. You will make his children orphans. You will taste his blood. You will see his last breath. You will hear his last words. And, remember -- no survivors. You will also have to kill his wife. Then his children. Then his elederly parents. His friends. His neighbors. His pets. His livestock. You will burn his fields. You will salt his earth.

No snipers. No missles. No bombs. Guys with guns. Implement those rules and see how often war happens anymore.

Of course, that's idealism. Know what? Humans are violent. Humans are assholes. Humans are concerned with who has the bigger dick. Humans have to prove that they have the biggest dick on the block and will kill you for thinking otherwise. See my cock? Fucking huge. Bigger than yours, I'll bet. Wanna fight me? Let's go, pussy. Yeah, I'll kick your ass, and then I'll fuck your girlfriend in the ass and make her suck me clean. That's why we have wars. It's not about religion or territory or politics or race -- it's about who has the biggest dick, and who has the balls to prove it.

Comments by: YACCS