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Thursday, July 12, 2001
Yeah, I'm a lazy bastard. I could have tricked out the design on this page, but, meh. As I will likely be the only person who sees this website (prove me wrong! Mail me!) I could give... well, perhaps 1/2 of 1 flying fuck about the layout.

So, what the hell am I gonna rant about this eve? Not sure. Just keeping the bandwidth active, I guess.

Actually, today was pretty good mood-wise. Been having some odd dreams of late, however.

First off, I don't have recurring dreams, just 'locales'.

There's 'Europe' -- which is sort of like a bazzar/strip mall.
'D.C.' -- full of monuments and museums, and, strangely enough, a skate park.
'The Red Lion' -- a hotel with a huge restroom.
'Junior High' -- my junior high school, with a K-Mart in the gym, for some reason.
and 'Lincoln' -- which seems to be a big damn dystopian junkyard.

I think that the names just occur to me during the dream. I'm not 'told' them per se.

Anyway, the latest involved me and a friend trying to get into the sewer in 'Lincoln' so we could help the town kill an alligator. Another scene involved a helicopter that had crashed into a house. Years ago. Still there. Looked hella cool, but damned impractical. I never remember whole dreams -- just fragments. Alas, sometimes these fragments would cause panic attacks. Not cool.

Yeah, I'm on meds. I don't wanna hear criticism of meds. They work for me. They prevent my panic attacks. They enable me to deal with large groups. Pretty handy when part of your job is dealing with people. And having a panic attack on-air just sucks bad. Trying to maintain control and not just mutter curse words under your breath while reading the weather is not much fun.

Another reason I haven't tweaked the design of this page: I can't 'map' this code. I was gonna put up a links page... oh, well. Perhaps when I get my own site on a host. On the links page, I was gonna put lame-ass links to stuff I like. Bands and whatnot. Stuff like They Might Be Giants, Gorillaz, The Onion, Modern Humorist, Radiohead, and things like that. Lordy, lordy, don't I sound like a damn fanboy. All I need now is some Hello Kitty pics, a cute font, a background midi and I could be a 12 year old girl who is weeping over the fate of AJ from the Backstreet Boys.

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